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The açai stacks are skillfully collected, on the thin Açaí trunks scattered in the woods. Later, the fruit are threshed in plastic baskets.

When they get to the factory, a manual selection is done, eliminating the: dirt, stubs, besides the green or damaged fruit.

After that, the selected fruit are left to rest in warm water to soften the pulp. Then they are again washed and are taken to the pulpers from this açai pul, comes a very concentrated juice.

In a mixer, the natural guaraná of Amazonia and organic sugar are finally added.

And besides that, we filter... pasteurize... then we cool the product in freezing tunnels to accelerate the process.

The product is hermetically sealed, in cups or liner bags previously esterilized by the vendors and certified for its aseptical quality.

A social-enviromental idea that we are proud to present to Brazil and to all the international community


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