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Food Processing, Dried Food, Frozen Food, Juice & Beverages

Effect of Pre-drying, Blanching and Citric Acid Treatments on the Quality of Fried Sweet Potato Chips

  Frying of sweet potato slices is carried out to convert the roots to value added products. Frying method brings out unique flavor and texture to the products that improve their overall acceptability. The aim of this work was to determine the effect of some pretreatments on moisture, vitamin...
G. Abdulla
Gehan A. El-Shourbagy
Mahmoud Z. Sitohy
American Journal of Food Technology

Agro-industrial utilization of cactus pear

Cactus pear (Opuntia spp.) makes a valuable contribution to the food security and nutrition of people throughout the world wherever water is scarce. The plant is highly versatile and, in addition to feeding people, it is widely used for livestock feed, burned as fuel and used to protect the...
Carmen Sáenz
Horst Berger
Armida Rodríguez-Félix
Ljubica Galletti
Joel Corrales García
Elena Sepúlveda
María Teresa Varnero
Víctor García de Cortázar
Roberto Cuevas García
Enrique Arias
Candelario Mondragón
Inocencio Higuera
Cadmo Rosell

Studies on Debittering of Sweet Orange Juice

  Sweet orange is the important citrus fruit crop grown throughout the world; it contributes 71 per cent of the total citrus fruit production. Fresh juice of sweet orange is refreshing, thirst quenching and energizing drink that improves health and nutritional requirements. It provides 45 kcal...
A.N. Siddiqui
D.N. Kulkarni
K.D. Kulkarni
M.Z. Mulla
World Journal of Dairy & Food Sciences

Optimización de las condiciones de deshidratación osmótica de espárrago (Asparragus officinalis) utilizando la metodología de superficie de respuesta

Se realizó un Screening utilizando un diseño factorial fraccionado, las variables independientes fueron la concentración de NaCl (4 – 20%), temperatura (20 – 50°C), tiempo de inmersión (10 – 300 min), velocidad de agitación (0 – 150...
David Torres Celis
Daniel Salvador Rodríguez
Roger Baltazar Flores
Raúl Siche
Agroindustrial Science, Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, Perú

Development of frozen-fried yam slices: optimization of the processing conditions

The research performed on yam processing mainly concerns the production of crisps and flour. However, its transformation into deep-frozen French fries does not necessitate any other equipment than those used for potatoes. The industrial process of production of frozen French fries traditionally...
Y Touré
C Nindjin
Y Brostaux
GN Amani
M Sindic
African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development

Mechanical Strategies to Increase Nutritional and Sensory Quality of Virgin Olive Oil by Modulating the Endogenous Enzyme Activities

This monograph is a critical review of the biological activities that occur during virgin olive oil (VOO) extraction process. Strategic choices of plant engineering systems and of processing technologies should be made to condition the enzymatic activities, in order to modulate the nutritional and...
Maria Lisa Clodoveo
Rim Hachicha Hbaieb
Faten Kotti
Giacomo Scarascia Mugnozza
Mohamed Gargouri
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety

Desarrollo y caracterización de un producto libre de gluten a base de harinas de maíz, arroz y quinua

Se desarrolló un producto (galletas) libre de gluten a base de una harina compuesta de maíz, arroz y quinua. Se obtuvieron las harinas de maíz y quinua por molienda y se adicionó harina de arroz comercial. Se determinó la granulometría de las harinas y se...
Karen Ortega Guerrero
Diana Carolina Hernández Duque
Harold Acosta Zuleta
Revista Alimentos Hoy

Design Development of a Unit Operation for Chilli Paste Process

  The traditional method of chilli paste processes essentially consists of two main unit operations, namely blending of raw ingredients and cooking of liquefied chilli paste, accompanied by manual stirring. The transferring of blended food for cooking adds clean-up work and tends to waste time...
M.K. Siti Mazlina
L. Sze Ying
M.S. Intan Shaidatul Shima
I. Iryane
American Journal of Food Technology

Preserving Food Jams and Jellies

  Sweet spreads–butters, jellies, jams, conserves, marmalades and preserves–add zest to meals. They can be made from fruit that is not completely suitable for canning or freezing. All contain the four essential ingredients needed to make a jellied fruit product–fruit, pectin...
Judy A. Harrison, Ph.D.
Elizabeth L. Andress, Ph.D.
The University of Georgia

Vanilla Post-harvest Operations

Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia A.) is a major natural flavor widely used in many industries as food, beverages, sodas, pharmaceutics, cosmetics tobacco and traditional crafts. Vanilla beans originated in Mexico, and in some Central American countries as Costa Rica and Honduras. However, today vanilla...
Javier De La Cruz Medina
Guadalupe C. Rodriguez Jiménes
Hugo S. García
Thelma Lucía Rosado Zarrabal
Miguel Ángel García Alvarado
Víctor José Robles Olvera