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Fruit & Vegetable Production - GAP, IPM, Pest Control, Weed Control, Organic

Tendrils as a source of seasonal carryover of Botrytis cinerea in vineyards

Botrytis bunch rot is a disease that requires management under New Zealand conditions in order to prevent financial losses for wine grape producers. A survey was conducted to investigate the potential spore production of tendrils in 16 vineyards from the Marlborough and Hawke's Bay wine...
D.C. Mundy
S.R. Haycock
A.R.G. McLachlan
P.N. Wood
V. Raw
New Zealand Plant Protection

Critical Nutrient Levels for Almonds, Peaches & Plums

Leaf analyses are very effective tools to prevent nutrient deficiency-induced crop loss. They can also save you money by preventing overfertilization. Check your results against the chart.
Roger Duncan
University of California ANR

Greenhouse Tomatoes Pest Management in Mississippi

Greenhouse tomato growers produce vine ripe tomatoes at a time of year when homegrown tomatoes are not available. Many disease and insect pests can attack greenhouse-grown tomatoes and hurt both production and quality. Greenhouse tomato producers must be able to accurately scout for and identify...
Blake Layton
David Ingram
Mississippi State University Extension Service

Efecto de la fertilización orgánica sobre el rendimiento y contenido nutricional de tomate saladette en invernadero

  El experimento se estableció durante 2011 para evaluar los efectos de la fertilización orgánica sobre el rendimiento y contenido nutricional de dos genotipos de tomate saladette desarrollados en cinco sustratos: S1 = arena + solución nutritiva inorgánica;...
César Márquez Quiroz
Pedro Cano Ríos
Alejandro Moreno Reséndez
Uriel Figueroa Viramontes
Esteban Sánchez Chávez
ITEA, información técnica económica agraria

Growing Fresh Market Onions, Garlic, and Leeks

Onions, garlic, and leeks are good crops to grow for the farmers market because you can sell them at different stages of growth, their harvest dates are flexible, and you can store them. You can also make products such as garlic braids to add value to your crop. Onions and garlic are basic cooking...
A.C. Newenhouse
University of Wisconsin Extension

Cómo cultivar cebollas, ajos y puerros para el mercado de productos frescos

Las cebollas, el ajo y los puerros son buenos cultivos para los mercados agrícolas, porque se pueden vender en diferentes etapas de crecimiento, sus fechas de cosecha son flexibles y usted puede almacenarlos.  Usted también puede hacer productos como trenzas de ajo para a...
A.C. Newenhouse
University of Wisconsin Extension

Commercial Red Raspberry Production in the Pacific Northwest

  Commercial red raspberry production is popular and successful in western Oregon and Washington, and on small acreages throughout the eastern parts of these states and in Idaho. This publication describes the biology of raspberries; cultivar selection; plantation establishment and maintenance...
Danny L. Barney
Peter Bristow
Craig Cogger
Sheila M. Fitzpatrick
John Hart
Diane Kaufman
Carol Miles
Timothy Miller
Patrick P. Moore
Todd Murray
Hannah Rempel
Bernadine Strik
Lynell Tanigoshi
Oregon State University • University of Idaho • Washington State University

Composting Methods

Composting does not fully decompose all degradable organic materials. Because of various conditions, composting depends on the purpose, scale of production, materials, site, and climate. But whether it is for a small farm or a commercial plant, the first consideration in composting is processing...
Yuh-Ming Huang
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center

El cultivo de sandia apirena injertada, bajo invernadero, en el litorial mediterráneo español

El fin primordial del injerto en los cultivos hortícolas es obtener resistencias a enfermedades del suelo y, por tanto, posibilitar el cultivo de ciertas especies en aquellos suelos que harían ese cultivo imposible. El injerto es la unión de dos porciones de tejido vegetal...
Francisco Camacho Ferre
Eduardo J. Fernández Rodríguez
Caja Rural de Almería

Effect of NPK fertilizer on fruit yield and yield components of pumpkin ( Cucurbita pepo Linn.)

Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo Linn.) is a vegetable crop often grown without fertilizer by peasant farmers in Nigeria. With the increased pressure on land resources for other competing uses, farmers have adopted the use of fertilizers to boost crop productivity. This study was carried out for the...
FM Oloyede
GO Agbaje
IO Obisesan
African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development